29-6-19: Customer Obsession

We cover a few topics today, click play to find out more about why designing your business proposition as a result of customer obsession is fundamental for success. How to craft an irresistible offer and build a reputation based on trust and value exchange. You’ll also get a framework of how a direct response marketing strategy should be implemented.

Intelligent Content Marketing is an innovative business model designed for the Connection economy. By consistently publishing high quality and actionable content, adopters of the model are able to dominate Google organic search which is, in our new internet-based world, the holy grail of online marketing.

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Fame At Last… the Hong Kong Visa Centre as a Classic Seth Godin Case Study!

I have 4 intellectual heroes – one of whom is Seth Godin.


Image Credit: TED

I was interviewed on the Podcast series TGFx where I talk about how Seth Godin so instrumentally influenced the business which Martyn and I put together when developing the Hong Kong Visa Centre business model.

You can listen to the 20 minute session here.

This is how Stefan Lubinski, the host of the show, reported on our time together, marking me down as a classic Seth Godin case study…

set godin 2

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