Visa Geeza Speaks on POWER OF FREE! – On SEO Bullshit

Want to build a MONOPOLY of your own – 100% FREE?

The series Visa Geeza Speaks on POWER OF FREE! is the Q&A session from the talk I gave at Paperclip on the POWER OF FREE!

You can find the talk and much more useful and interesting materials on the Encyclopedia of Intelligent Content Marketing, which is a 100% FREE membership program that details, step-by-step, how to build a modern service monopoly from nothing with no money invested.

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ICM on DBFM: The Thoughts & Observations of Don Tapscott

ICM on DBFM is a series of podcast interviews where I talk to Jason Black on the online radio Digital Bacon FM about the general idea and main principles of Intelligent Content Marketing.

In this podcast I explain why I believe in The Content Marketing Fallacy.

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ICM Talks: What is the Intelligent Content Marketing Strategy Foundation?

ICM Talks is a series of podcast interviews where I talk to Simeon Krastev about Intelligent Content Marketing and its foundations.

In this podcast we talk about the ICM Strategy Foundation – how I combined my years of expertise in the field with the best ideas of my 4 intellectual heroes to build a business on the basis of Intelligent Content Marketing.

The Rest of the Series

How You Turn Expertise into a Strategy with Intelligent Content Marketing

What is the Intelligent Content Marketing Strategy Foundation?

How did you consider the Monetisation of a Strategy based on Intelligent Content Marketing?

The Importance of Focus

Communicating Your Value

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Jordan B Peterson on ICM: The Right Stuff For Success

Customer Obsession

Case Study: ICM
Shot on June 29, 2019
Week 5 – Diary 5

We cover a few topics today, click play to find out more about why designing your business proposition as a result of customer obsession is fundamental for success. How to craft an irresistible offer and build a reputation based on trust and value exchange. You’ll also get a framework of how a direct response marketing strategy should be implemented.

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Wanchai Walkabouts: What’s the best way to manage your tribe?

Wanchai Walkabouts is a series, in which I take you to my favourite haunts in Wanchai, Hong Kong and answer The Top 100 Questions that anybody ever asks about Intelligent Content Marketing. I am also going to use this opportunity and give you a little bit of history about these spots: where they fit in Hong Kong’s history and also what they mean to me.

This is the nineteenth episode where I take you to Food Plaza and answer the question: What’s the best way to manage your tribe?

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Update and Bezos Ltd.

Case Study: ICM
Shot on June 26, 2019
Week 5 – Diary 2

In today’s video diary entry, we get a short and sweet update on what kind of content is next to come. We focus a bit on Amazon practices, and what we believe made them such a commercial giant always at the top of their field.

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Update and Bezos

Case Study: ICM
Shot on June 25, 2019
Week 5 – Diary 1

Week 5 of the video diary journey starts with an update on the progress Will and I have made so far with Zzzzip. We share a bit more about the roadmap to optimizing the Direct Response Marketing content strategy we have in play for our Monopoly Tribe project. In the final part of the video, I share my thoughts on Jeff Bezos and his story

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