POWER OF FREE! #1: Intelligent Content Marketing in the Connection Economy: Getting Started

Thanks so much for turning out to listen to what I have to say, this evening, I hope you find it educational. The intention is to give you something to think about. Before we sort of get into the crux of this, how many people in this room plan to start a startup?

Or have been engaged in a start up in the last six months? How many people in here? Okay, so there is typical question I’ve got for you is, in that sight of how does it feel, knowing that there’s a 95% chance that two years from now, all your dreams, all your hopes, and aspirations for that business have come to nothing?

What I want to try and do for you today is to share what happened with me on my journey as a startup by necessity four years ago, and, and give you access to the kind of knowledge that I learned along the way, and to give you, hopefully, something to think about in a meaningful sense, when you put your startup on whatever path it needs to take to profitability and understand that there is a way that’s very different from perhaps how you might be thinking, but it’s open and accessible to anybody with limited resources, just like it was to us.


Getting Started
Laying Down Your Platform
Getting Smart
The Evolution
Connections & Tribes
Generosity As Strategy
Being Better Than Others
Publishing is the Key to Success

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