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The Startup Grind – Most People Are Nervous About Starting Video Production And Being On Screen Themselves, How Did You Get Over That?

January 7th, 2020

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The Startup Grind Interview is a series from discussions I had with Josh Steimle, the Director of Startup Grind, Hong Kong.

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The Rest of the Series

What Are All The Businesses You Are Involved In And What Do They Do?

How Long Have You Been Doing Visa Work?

What Was The Turning Point In Your Business And How Did You Achieve This?

How Did You Plant The Seed Of Your Misfortunes Between 2000 – 2010?

How Did You Achieve Your Clear Competitive Advantage So Quickly And Readily?

When Did You Launch The Website Hong Kong Visa Geeza And Was This Your First One?

Most People Are Nervous About Starting Video Production And Being On Screen Themselves, How Did You Get Over That?

What Lessons Have You Learned Along The Way In Regards To Video Marketing?

What Do You Hope To Get Out Of Those Videos And Your Production House?

What Are Your Recommendations For Getting Started In Video Production?

What Does It Take To Get A Work Visa Approved?

What’s Your Relationship With The Immigration Department Like?

How Is Your Immigration Expertise Founded?

Why Do People Use Your Websites?

How Do You Think The Future Of Hong Kong Looks?

What Is Your Relationship With The Law Society In Hong Kong?

Is Hong Kong Still A Good Place To Set Up A Business?

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