POWER OF FREE! #1: Intelligent Content Marketing in the Connection Economy: The Evolution

I’m going to take you back literally to the beginning of time. This is where I learned from Kevin Kelley. He wrote a book called what technology wants. And his essential proposition was to try and understand effectively where humanity was going with technology.


And he came up with this proposition, which makes perfect sense to me. He says that, basically, the technology that we’re working with today all began with the Big Bang. But in time, after the Big Bang happened, we have gas which turned into heavenly bodies, which turned into planets and solar systems and all the rest of it, leading to the earth and development of life on earth. And then development of sentient life from Earth, and then really intelligent life. And then the inevitable rise of a species that was going to be better than everybody else, because that’s what the law of evolution is all about.

Along the way, humanity began to develop technology technologies, such as well, the first important one, which is how to speak, because when language evolved, finally, human intellect was not in a silo locked in it could now in interchange, and with those interchange become opportunities, and from those opportunities, comes development and growth. And that continued through, you know, the realm of human evolution through to writing, and then printing. And then we went from printing into some very large computers, and then to smaller computers, and then locally or in network computers, and then ultimately into the internet. And as we have evolved throughout all of this time, with begin to converge the biological into the digital.

And so now we’ve effectively arrived to the point where we can grow artificial limbs and skin grafts. And it’s you don’t have to literally have to be a rocket scientist to understand where this is going to take us. And so, as a result of all of this, there’s this huge machine that’s being built. It’s all the computers, and all the mobiles and everything else that’s connected as nodes in that machine. And that machine is the summation of all human knowledge and endeavor. We are all going to operate in a digital realm at some stage or another. It’s just a question of when, and the law of evolution effectively speaks to this reality. So we understand this, we can then orchestrate ourselves to what’s about to happen and get in early if you will, and position yourself in an interesting way. That’s hopefully I’ll reveal as I go through the rest of the presentation.


Getting Started
Laying Down Your Platform
Getting Smart
The Evolution
Connections & Tribes
Generosity As Strategy
Being Better Than Others
Publishing is the Key to Success

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