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Wanchai Walkabouts: Why are ‘Kits’ so important in an Intelligent Content Marketing strategy?

December 27th, 2019

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Wanchai Walkabouts is a series, in which I take you to my favourite haunts in Wanchai, Hong Kong and answer The Top 100 Questions that anybody ever asks about Intelligent Content Marketing. I am also going to use this opportunity and give you a little bit of history about these spots: where they fit in Hong Kong’s history and also what they mean to me.

This is the twenty-first episode where I take you to Wood Street and answer the question: Why are ‘Kits’ so important in an Intelligent Content Marketing strategy?

The Rest of the Series:

Introduction to Wanchai Walkabouts

What’s the Difference between Content Marketing and Intelligent Content Marketing?

How Did Intelligent Content Marketing Come About?

How do you and Martyn interact?

What do you mean by the best way to market a business is to tell the story of the business?

Intelligent Content Marketing, the “operating system” on the internet

Why is it important to compete against non-consumption?

What do you think the single biggest success element of Intelligent Content Marketing is?

Can you elaborate more on ‘Last Word Content’ & ’10 x Content’?

What’s the best way to manage your tribe?

Why are ‘Kits’ so important in an Intelligent Content Marketing strategy?

How Does “Strategic Generosity” manifest in the HKVC?

What’s the core dynamic that underpins an Intelligent Content Marketing strategy?

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