POWER OF FREE! #2: Expert Niche in Intelligent Content Marketing: My 4 Areas Of Expertise

The way that I began, my career is becoming an expert at my first major investment decision, about six years into my career took all the money that I’ve made in the first six years of my career and I, I put it into a medical devices business.


And over the course of three and a half years, I became an expert in dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Now, for the squirmish men amongst us. This is a problem that affects 20% of all women between between the ages of 39 and 54. And it’s a significant impact on a woman’s quality of life. And I invested into a business that never made me any money. In fact, I lost all my money. But I became an expert in alternatives to hysterectomy, for women who were suffering from that very medical condition. So that was my first area of expertise. And at one point, I found myself in in the election before 250 gynecologists on this particular subject matter. And without exception, every single one of them afterwards assumed that I was a doctor. But they’d already knew was that particular expert niche.

And it’s quite interesting now, because most of my female colleagues are very happy to talk to him about their period problems, because I’ve read all the literature on it, and I know exactly what it’s about. So that was my first expertise, you could say, my second expertise grew out of my last immigration business, where I became very frustrated at the increasing use of email in the modern workplace and how I’ve been able to use systems with my immigration consultant colleagues, to streamline the way that they operate. And then this thing called email appeared on the scene towards the end of the 1990s. That was just this disruptive medium. That was Yes, providing efficiencies of communications. But more More importantly, people couldn’t be organized, they couldn’t organize their work, because of the way that email isn’t hasn’t changed even now.

So because of an immigration project that I had to embark on. Through my time in Australia, I decided that I was going to solve the problem of email in the modern workplace, and one and a half million Australian dollars. And seven years later, we never made any money out of it. But we did become experts at understanding workflow and the challenges that people have in the modern workplace. So I have been an expert on email management and workforce management in the modern workplace now, for about 10 years, I’d say, and I think I’ve read, in fact, I wrote a white paper on this with 100 footnotes. And I read every single piece of academic literature that has ever been promulgated or published anywhere on the problem of email management. So I became a complete expert in that over the course of a few years. So that was my second expertise, realm of expertise, my my third round of expertise, my engineering expertise, because I’ve been involved in immigration in Hong Kong immigration since 1993.

So after 21 years, and having written a book and published on it consistently for many years now, it’s fair to say that that expertise is with me, and you know, continues to consolidate and grow over time. So this is my third area of expertise in the last 20 years. And my fourth area, I suppose, you could say, I’m starting to get a little bit of inside know how in terms of how the internet the modern internet works. So we will might conclude that perhaps, in a very modest way, I’m developing a little bit of expertise in this space that will only grow in time, I’m sure. So they have an example of me a mere mortal, having acquired four levels of expertise in my career.

So it’s completely within everybody in this room to look at what is of real interest to you, or what dynamics are at play in your life that are compelling you to become particularly good at one area of life, if you will, and then see if you can make a business out of it. And if you follow the essential precepts of the talks that I’m getting here, I do believe you will be able to make a living out of it. So So yes, those are my areas of expertise.


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