POWER OF FREE! #2: Expert Niche in Intelligent Content Marketing: Attaining Expertise

The last time we met, I was talking to about the connection economy, and how the world has changed as we move from an industrial era through to an era where we’re all connected.


And this huge machine called the internet, where all of our abilities can be parlayed, if you become a publishing concern, and you think about the internet in an interesting way. Today, I’m going to talk about an expert niche because an expert niche is a fundamental part of the experience of developing a business in the modern internet economy. And at the height of expert niche, is this idea that everybody can become an expert in something. In fact, everybody can become an expert in something in six months.

And I can sort of attest to that, because I’m going to take you on my own journey of how I’ve been an expert in different things throughout the years, which may come as a surprise to you, but I hope it serves to illustrate the fact that it’s quite possible over the course of a In my case, a 20 year career, you can become an expert in a number of different things, and it’s just a question of choosing the right one for you.


Attaining Expertise  
My 4 Areas Of Expertise
Turning Expertise Into Monopoly
Fine Tuning Into Your Market Space
Making A Market Of Your Own
Becoming A Publisher
The Winner Takes All
Absolutely Worth It

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